Water Delivery Systems Are Still Vulnerable To Radioactive Attacks

The pre 9/11 standard of sampling every two years is useless for Homeland Security.

PROBLEM: This long detection delay of water system contamination from hazmat accidents or terrorist action can allow widespread human injury as well as irretrievable contamination to your critical infrastructure causing massive disruption and costing many million dollars to replace.

Technical Associates recognizes the urgency for monitoring our water systems 24/7. TA also knows that in the current economic climate capital investment funding is difficult to obtain and has instituted a deeply discounted price structure for the NEX-BETA instrument. These Beta monitors are priced to be easily available to any water system across the U.S. immediately.

RESOLUTION: This reduced price tag will allow water companies and districts to buy now using discretionary funds. Upgrade later to the more powerful NexGen-SSS system when the budget cycle allows the purchase. TA offers a substantial rebate with a trade-in of the NEX-BETA.

The Model NEX-BETA measures only Beta emitters. However, it is these Beta emitters such as Cesium-137, Strontium-90, Iodine-131, etc. that pose the greatest risk both in terms of a terrorist attack as well as pollution, dumping, or road accidents.

The NEX-BETA can be used as either a continuous 24/7 online monitor or as a portable field system for measuring water at various locations.

For specific technical information on the NEX-BETA go to: https://tech-associates.com/dept/sales/product-info/nex-beta.pdf or call Technical Associates at 818 883-7043. (9-10-2009)