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TECHNICAL ASSOCIATES is your reliable source for radiation safety and radiation monitoring instruments.

Serving National Laboratories, power plants, universities, hospitals, biotech labs and industry since 1947, in the United States and abroad.

Over 300 products and systems to fit your exact needs. Sensitive to Alpha, Beta, Gamma, X-ray, Neutron, Positron, Tritium and Carbon-14 Radiation, from µR to 10 million R per hour.

* Aerial Radiation and Chemical Detection
* Air & Stack Monitors
* Area Monitors
* Cargo Container, Scrap Metal, Vehicle Scanners
* Drinking Water, Waste Water, Ground Water, Liquid Effluents
* Electronic Dosimeters
* High Capacity Air & Stack Monitors
* High-Range Underwater Monitoring
* Homeland Security Systems
* Iodine & Noble Gases
* Nuclear Power Plant Monitors
* Portal and Personnel Monitors
* Radiation Security Systems
* Radon
* Tritium
* and More!

Radiation monitors for specialized applications including contamination checking of food, tools, laundry, and floors.

Lead counting shields, reference sources and calibration instruments. Instruments for environmental surveillance; anti-smuggling devices are available.

Technical Associates can also customize or custom design and produce instrumentation to fit your specific needs.

Please Contact Us for details.

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