Technical Associates was founded in 1946 as a spin-off of the Manhattan Project. TA’s founders designed and built the first industrial-grade radiation monitors recognizing with the dawn of the Atomic Age intense safety requirements would demand such radiation detection instruments. TA continues to excel in product engineering of radiation measurement and safety instruments for diverse requirements; the result of 75 years of commitment to radiation monitoring

Technical Associates radiation detectors and monitors are used globally, in the fields of research, medicine, municipal water districts, industry, power plants, environmental protection, military, police, fire protection, and national security.

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Technical Associates Product Line Includes:

TA’s UAV Air Forensics comprises highly sensitive drone-mounted radiation and chemical detectors and biological samplers for airborne contamination. Using all-weather heavy lift commercial UAVs flying these sensors into areas of potentially extreme hazard provides Homeland Security and First Responders the opportunity to determine the level of threat prior to physically entering the contaminated area or to find ground-based radioactive sources such as bombs or devices in buildings and vehicles.

TA’s water monitoring product line provides real-time continuous monitoring, alarm, and radioisotope identification for drinking water and wastewater in municipalities, hospitals, and nuclear power plants. Portable instruments for major events such as terrorism or industrial accident; fixed instruments for reservoirs, filtration, and treatment plants; and pipe monitors for quick installation, are available for protecting the nation’s water supply.

Police, fire, and other emergency responders around the country are equipped with Technical Associates instruments for rapid response to radioactive threats. Equipment includes personnel and vehicle monitors, air, water, surface measurement systems, and Mobile Radiation Laboratories.

The medical industry in many ways has become the Nuclear Medical Industry. With the use of radioisotopes for diagnostics, treatment, therapy, and new uses coming online everyday radiation detection in the medical industry is increasingly required for patient and worker safety. Technical Associates has been providing instrumentation for the medical industry for many years. With an extensive suite of instrumentation, the medical workplace is equipped for radiation safety.

A complete line of shipping container scanners is available. The multitude of shipping containers streaming into United States ports from around the world requires radiation scanning in the interest of Homeland Security. The RADCANSCAN instruments generate an internal image of any radioactive sources within a container.

Corporate Profile

Overhoff Technology Product Line Includes:

Overhoff Technology Corporation (OTC) established in 1972, is recognized internationally as the premier manufacturer of air and water Tritium detection instruments. With 50 years of specializing in Tritium detection and monitoring, government, industry, and power plant operators favor Overhoff instruments above all others for their Tritium detection and monitoring requirements.

Technical Associates’ acquisition of Overhoff Technology Corporation diversifies TA’s product offering with the addition of a complete line of Tritium detection instruments.

Overhoff Technology specializes in the design and manufacture of Tritium monitors; with the largest selection of Tritium monitors in the marketplace. Carbon-14 detection and monitoring and Xenon separation expand Overhoff’s instrument offering. Overhoff monitors range from handheld units to integrated digital radiation monitoring systems.

In contrast to competitors who offer two or three models of Tritium monitors, Overhoff Technology offers more than a dozen air and water instruments for both fixed and portable use. In addition, each instrument is available with numerous features and options to precisely meet specific requirements.

Technical Associates and Overhoff Technology Corp’s combined 100+ years of radiation detection and monitoring expertise offer the widest variety of radiation monitors along with custom-tailored options. Whether air, surface, or water; Tritium, Carbon-14, Radon, Radium, or other radionuclide monitoring is the goal, TA/OTC will have the best instrument to fill the need.

Technical Associates and Overhoff Technology Corp are divisions of the publicly traded holding company US Nuclear Corp. OTCQB - UCLE

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