• Nuclear Medicine

    Nuclear Medicine

    Technical Associates, a division of US Nuclear Corp, provides a full suite of instrumentation for the area, air, and water radiation detection, and monitoring instruments to the medical industry.  Nuclear Medicine utilizes radiopharmaceuticals in treatment, radioisotopes in both treatment and diagnostics, and a combination of several different disciplines using radioactive elements.


  • January is National Radon Action Month

    January is National Radon Action Month

    For two weeks straight, Stanley Watras set off the radiation alarms as he entered his workplace at the Limerick Nuclear Power Plant in Pennsylvania. Authorities at the plant were stunned to learn that the source of the radiation was astoundingly high levels of radon gas in the basement of the Watras family home and not from the nuclear plant itself. That was in 1984.


  • Aerial Radiation Detection

    Aerial Radiation Detection

    In this time of multiple threats to our security: dirty bombs; cyber; shooters in public places; homemade bombs; misinformation; etc. we feel extremely vulnerable; perhaps more vulnerable than ever before.

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