The Models TBM-IC-MVR and TBM-IC-LE consist of a 3" dia x 5" long-sealed ion chamber coupled to a stable solid-state MOSFET input electrometer with built-in A to D converter to read out directly in mR/h or mR*. The rate range is 0.1 mR/h to 50,000mR/h in a single range. The dose range is 0.001mR - 10R in a single range. The sealed ION Chamber obviates the need to make temperature and pressure corrections and eliminates the need for desiccant change.

Model TBM-IC-LE fluted chamber side view sensitivity is down below 20 KeV and end-on below 5 KeV. The Thin (0.5 mg/cm2) Kapton window allows high sensitivity readings for low energy Beta such as Tc-99 in addition to other Betas, Gammas, and X-Rays. Model TBM-IC-MVR has a fluted chamber option.

* μSv/h and μSv dose readout is optional.

Whenever a fast, sensitive ion chamber instrument is needed, Models TBM-IC-MVR and TBM-IC-LE is the preferred choice. These sealed ion chambers are small, lightweight, rugged, and based on essentially drift-free electrometer technology.

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