Alpha Radiation Monitor for Water and
Effluent Discharge Real-Time Continuous

Model – Nex-Alpha

NEX-ALPHA allows radiation users to be good community members by controlling and measuring their effluent.

Model NEX-ALPHA is an Alpha detector water monitor /controller for measuring Alpha-emitting radionuclides. The electronics are microprocessors with LED/LCD displays with plug-in modules facilitating quick change or addition of functions at a later date.  Modular design allows for rapid repair by module replacement in the field.

TA's unique exchange warranty system covers the modular system and the full one-year warranty. On-site service contracts are available in many areas.

The Alpha flow cell is easily changed via quick disconnect fittings. All connections are sealed against leaks. The standard water moving system is based on a high-precision pump. It has a 10-liter per-minute capacity. The system can also be operated using city water pressure in which case no pump is required.

A wide range of pump capacities are available to meet users’ specific needs. The system electronics is mounted in a rugged cabinet. It comes complete with all cabling tubing and connectors in place and is ready to operate.

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