FM-9-ABNI Instrument

FM-9-ABNI Instrument Iodine Monitor assures safety against airborne radioactivity contamination by means of constant checks with alarm and record capability.
It provides integrated exposure information and can provide a hard copy via an external printer or computer.
It is a complete system and may be expanded per need with modules of the FM-9-ABNI series.
The FM-9-ABNI may be used to monitor stack effluent down to EPA levels as well as hoods, glove boxes, or workplace air.

Hospitals: Protect workers, patients, and the public.
- Use as Iodine Monitor for thyroid assessment and treatment areas
- Use as a Positron Monitor for all PET scan facilities.
- Use as a Tc-99m DTPA Air Monitor for areas where bone scans and DTPA lung function studies take place.

Power Plants: Protect Workers and the community
- Use in radiation building.
- Use in containment.
- Use in the chemistry lab.
- For detection of Iodine and other radio chemicals.

National Laboratories: Protect workers and the public
- Sees airborne particulates.
- Sees airborne radio chemicals of all types except Noble Gases

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FM-9-ABNI Instrument Iodine Monitor

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