Drone UAV Drone-Rad-P ST plume detector search tool chemical detector

The DroneRad-P (plume detector), DroneRad-ST (search tool), and DroneChem (chemical detector) can be flown together or separately. The flight platform is rugged and GPS linked. With aerial radiation detector DroneSensor software, built-in air pump, and radiation mapping data tool, radiation, and chemical airborne contamination is detected and quantified. Detection of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, C-14. Optional: Neutron and a library of chemicals is included.

Real-time wireless data download transmission takes place to include the ground station. Immediate results. Local readout and monitoring. Optional: remote alarming and display. Display map. Data archive/retrieval. Computer interface.

Modes of Operation

  1. Plume Sniffer Plume – DroneRAD-P: Fly the UAV through a plume; dual-mode real real-time data download and visual display of accumulated radioactive material on a filter (paper for particulates: charcoal for Iodine); return to base for further 'before/after' data analysis of filter paper.
  2. Search Tool - DroneRAD-ST: Fly and transmit in real-time counts-per-second (cps) or mSv/h data up to 5 data points per second. Viewing and plotting the data in real-time during flight with color coding or performing data download after flight on an aerial map using a color-coded limit scale via software.
  3. Search Tool - DroneRAD-ST-ID: When the ST-ID detector is in use transmit and display an MCA spectrum in real time. With a very hot source isotope identification is possible.
  4. Waypoint Data Taking: Data can be transmitted in real-time during flight or stored on the drone (56 waypoints) for download after flight. Data is data based on site, region, type of radiation measure and survey index. Graphing and trending can be done on the data.
  5. Chemical Sensor Data: Fly UAV with up to 5 sensors per flight (unless selected chemical sensors are found to have cross-sensitivity). Choose from a list of over 20 chemical options at the time of purchase. Data is transmitted and plotted in real-time during flight and stored in files that can be replotted or imported into other software.

DroneRad Software Telemetry Radios: 433MHz or 915 MHz; stated maximum range of 1 mile with a clear line of sight. Results may vary due to the environment, terrain, and buildings.

Drone-Rad-P ST plume detector—search tool—chemical detector

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