The CAM-33 Series are three-channel air monitors for simultaneous measuring of Gross Beta / Gamma Particulates, Noble gaseous radioactivity, and Iodine.

Like all of the CAM-33 Series, the CAM-33-1P is a continuous duty, high capacity, rugged skid or caster mounted system. Electronics consists of Computer with a 17" COLOR LCD Monitor.

Electronics are plug-in modules allowing change or addition of function as needed and allow rapid repair by substitution of modules in the field. The modular system is covered by T/A’s unique exchange warranty, in addition to the full one-year warranty covering all T/A products.

Shields are void-free lead encased in welded steel and with stainless steel liners for long, useful life and easy decontamination.

Filters are easily changed via quick disconnect, o-ring sealed filter holder. The shield can be opened for a filter change or cleaning with minimum effort. All shield connections and openings are sealed against air leaks. The air moving system is based on a high-capacity oil-less air pump capable of delivering 120 lpm (4cfm) free air and including Real-time flow rate measurement and data analysis.

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