Superior Universal Electronics Series PUG-7
Models: PUG-7-D, PUG-7O-D, PUG -7-DF

Description: The PUG-7-D electronics utilizes a continuously adjustable regulated high voltage supply of 1500V (Optional: 2,500 volts) to operate GM or scintillation detectors delivering one millivolt or above pulse. An adjustable discriminator allows full control over system sensitivity. The pulse input is Zener diode protected so that probes may be interchanged without shutting off the instrument. The readout is in microR/h (or SI units).

The PUG-70-D is the same as the PUG-7-D with a built-in, user-settable alarm.
PUG-7-DF is a full system and includes; PUG-7-D and Probe - PGS-3 one-inch Nal(TI) scintillator.

The readout on the PUG instrument is in CPS, optionally in SI units or mR/h or other units. Calibration for different probes or situations is accomplished by inputting constant calibration content, which can be accomplished using the 2 front panel buttons after unlocking them from standard mode.

The shell of the instrument is smoothly finished, with attractive baked enamel over an aluminum case. The cover is machined, anodized aluminum with highly visible markings.

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