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Works for discrete samples or for continuous flow.

Detection of Rising Radon Levels in aquifer on drinking water is important to the health and safety of consumers and to the successful compliance to current EPA standards by Utilities and Water Districts.
Water flows continuously * through the lower section of the FLO-9 sample head. Some of the suspended Radon gas escapes from the water due to its vapor pressure. If desired, the amount of, Radon escaping can be increased by heating, agitating, bubbling, etc.
The resultant radon gas is detected by the PAS-8 alpha scintillation in the upper chamber. The count rate from the PAS-8 Detector is displayed on the LAM-10 alarming AC-DC Ratemeter or other TA counter. User can set alarm level as desired.

Model Radon-7 System Includes

  • FLO-9 Sample Head
  • PAS-8 Alpha Scintillator
  • LAM-10 Alarming Ratemeter
    STAM-2 Image

    The RADON-7 Radon Alpha Scintillation system combines a modified PAS-8 Alpha Scintillation Probe plus FLO-9 vapor-flow-thru vessel for sample containment. In this detection system, the protective ring and grill normally included in the PAS-8 when same is used as a free probe, is deleted to enhance sensitivity to alpha radiation.

    The sensitivity of the PAS-8/FLO-9 to 5 MeV Alphas is typically 80-85% of 2 pi. It is completely insensitive to Betas and Gammas. Background is typically less than one count per minute. Sample cavity is 2'' diameter x 1/2'' deep.

    Model: FLO-9
    Dimensions:* 3.5`` x 7``L x 8``H
    Shielding: none
    Weight: 3.5 lbs
    Shipping Weight: 6 lbs

    * inclusive of PAS-8 detector

    The PAS-8/FLO-9 is compatible with Technical Associates Model FS-5T series Scalers and Ratemeters of the LAM, PUG and FM-5 series or any other high-quality scaler or ratemeter furnishing well-regulated high voltage +700 to 1200 V and accepting 100 mV negative going pulses from a 200 meg source. Termination is BNC (Optional MHV).

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